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About the BPS On-Line Library

The BPS offers all of its Bodhi Leaf and most Wheel Publications for reading or downloading from the Library section of this web site. Moreover, we also offer some popular books such as The Buddha and His Teachings.

(Wheels and Bodhi Leaves have been collected and republished in book format. Bound volumes of the Wheels may be found here, and Bodhi leaves here.)

To visit our libraries of Book Publications, Wheel Publications, Bodhi Leaves, Newsletters, and others, please click a link on the Library sub-menu above.

HTML versions of all of the Bodhi Leaves, Wheels, and Books in the online library may also be downloaded in a compact ZIP archive.

Displaying Pali and Sanskrit Characters

Our publications are available in the following formats:

Please visit our fonts page to download the open-source fonts used on this site.

Pali Study

For those interested in learning the Pali Language we have offered two Pali-English dictionaries. The first, written in Microsoft® Access 97, contains both Pali-English and English-Pali entries. The second, called Pali Lookup, uses the Velthuis format to input diacritical characters, but displays the results in the open-source font Times_CSX. (This font will be automatically installed along with Pali Lookup.) Pali Lookup is a Pali-English dictionary only, but includes some useful functions such as providing a word usage count and complete declenation of each noun and adjective.

The Digital Pali Reader is a handy add-on for Firefox web browsers. It contains all of the features of the software listed above, and more. See http://pali.sirimangalo.org/ for details or to download.