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Ordering Help

Pre-selected offerings

Selecting a range of publications

The left side of the search window contains drop-down list boxes for Category, Publisher, Publication Type, or Language.

Note: Selecting All Categories, All Publishers, All Publication Types, and All Languages produces a list of everything in the BPS database—over 1,000 items! Therefore, use the drop-down list boxes to narrow your search.

Narrowing your search; search for author, title, etc.

On the right side of the selection area you can enter text in any one of the three boxes. For example, if the left selection were for “All Categories, Publishers, and Types&rdquo, then searching for Title “sutta,” and Author “bodhi” would produce all titles by Bhikkhu Bodhi that contain the word “sutta.”. In this case, most of the titles are BPS newsletter articles, not found in the Bookshop but nevertheless availabe by clicking the provided links.

When any portion of a catalog number is specified other selections are ignored; only that item is displayed. For example, entering “bbl” brings up the five Collected Bodhi Leaf publications.

Then click the Shopping Bag icon to add the item to the shopping cart.