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Membership Donations Supporting a book Dhamma Dana


The BPS is a non-profit charity aiming to make the Buddha's teaching widely available at a low price. If you'd like to help the BPS with the printing of books, or support the organisation in general (for example with maintaining and updating the computers used for typesetting books, or with improving other staff facilities, etc), then you can make a donation to the BPS.

Donations may be made by cheque or money order (see Ordering Info). All remittances should be made payable to: Buddhist Publication Society. Please mark all cheques, etc.: A/C Payee Only. Due to the risk of lost mail, cheques and money orders should only be sent by registered post.

For internet payments, a donation amount can be added to an order: in the “Notes” box on the bottom of the cart-checkout page, simply leave an instruction to our Stores Department to include a donation in the specified amount.

Or, use our contact us page to notify us of your intention to donate. In your message, please let us know the amount (in US Dollars or Sri Lankan Rupees), and we will return an email with a link to the Internet Payment Gateway.

(We must go through this rather roundabout method for internet donations in order to comply with our bank’s policies.)